About Phases 1 – 2 – 3

The vision of the Umdloti Smart Village project is sustainable peace of mind and community development

Individual Homeowners

Body Corporates

Commercial Entities

Phase 1 (early 2020) will include:

A. Launch of an APP that has enough capacity to carry the project for at least five years
B. Appointment of a dedicated security service provider for the Village, who will install a hi-tech security system including:

  • 50 CCTV cameras, and
  • 5 number plate recognition cameras connected to a Control Centre monitored by an artificial intelligence system;

The Control Centre will have access to:

  • 2 armed response vehicles;
  • 1 guard on foot;
  • 1 guard on a Segway scooter

Team Appointments:

  • Appointment of an NPC “Precinct Management Team”;
  • Appointment of a “clean & green” service provider to the NPC; and
  • Appointment of a dedicated maintenance team for the surveillance system.

Phase 2 (2021) will extend the service to include:

A. Visitor support and management (including Airbnb link); and
B. Nuisance calls (e.g. noise complaints in complexes)

Phase 3 (2022) will include:

A. Comprehensive Precinct Management (e.g. monitoring electricity and water consumption and day-to-day liaison with the municipality);
B. Routine maintenance support for homes and complexes via preferred suppliers contracted to the NPC; and
C. Proactive engagement in the further development of Umdloti, e.g.

  • Sea defences
  • Beach infrastructure
  • Community centre
  • Pedestrianisation

All we need now is for you to indicate your support in principle of this initiative:

In the first instance, all we want now is to indicate your support in principle for the Umdloti Smart Village initiative and model as described by completing the online form.

Your final commitment (and payment) will be conditional upon:

a. A minimum of 70% of residents/owners/body corporates joining the NPC as members and making the target contributions, or
b. The minimum operational budget for Umdloti Smart Village being otherwise met, whichever occurs first.


Once we have achieved the conditions set out above, the fees apply as follows:

The target contribution by members for Phase 1 is a once-off membership application fee of:

  • R2000 per individual household;
  • R800 per complex unit, payable by the Body Corporate; and
  • R5000 per commercial entity


  • R980 a month per individual household;
  • R400 a month per complex unit, payable by the Body Corporate; and
  • R3000 a month per commercial entity.


Umdloti SmartVillage Consultative Process – Body Corporates

The organising committee for the Umdloti Smart Village project is consulting widely on the requirements of households, businesses and in particular complexes.

The committee would like to invite Chairs of body corporates to attend a consultative forum within the next few weeks.

Body Corporate Chairs: By completing the online form we will be able to contact you personally and inform you of the forum date, time and venue.

Individual Homeowners/Chairs of Body Corporates and Commercial Entities:

Owners in Complexes need not complete the form – only Chairs of Body Corporates