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Welcome to the eMdloti / uMdloti UIP Chat Room

Here you can share information with fellow members on the eMdloti / uMdloti UIP Website.

The aim is to streamline communication between members and management of uMdloti UIP and in turn provide centralised feedback.

On this forum, please feel free to post your public space & security concerns, observations, ideas, improvements, comment on posts, notify members of a lost pet, enquire about a matter you are uncertain about, water and electricity issues, general services and so on.

Should you have a query about documentation made available or any other issue for that matter, please refer about it on the Chat Room – since your enquiry may be many other fellow members’ need for further clarification – and can be dealt with centrally and collectively.

Furthermore, the purpose of the ‘Chat Room’ is not to irritate members with notifications. The onus is on each member to check in now-and-again to scrutinize and gain insight on notifications that are being posted.

We certainly would welcome your input, suggestions and feedback on the Chat Room.

The normal rules of social media and “netiquette” apply. Please adhere to a constructive, respectful and welcoming approach.

Should you be a new member, please complete the Update my Details form and submit. We’ll set up your login details and notify you accordingly.

If your membership has lapsed or you would like to become a member, please complete the Become a Member contact form and Submit.


Best regards,
eMdloti / uMdloti UIP