The UIP and your membership

is a collaborative process to:

• Harness eMdloti / uMdloti’s best assets
• Physically enhance public spaces and user experiences | Clean – Green – Safe
• Trigger economic turnaround
• Increase employment opportunities
• Invite more businesses and retaining those already established
• Strengthen property and land values
• Translate into a strong return on investments for residential, commercial and mixed-use developments.

The investment value

of Location and Place-making

The following base levels of services are those that have the most impact on public space and what we as people see. Thus requiring the most amount of attention:

• Municipal infrastructure and service delivery
• Cleaning & maintenance
• Greening & Landscaping
• Safety & Security
Corporate Governance & Administration

When well-managed, maintained and sustained, these services in turn leads to a positive experience of eMdloti / uMdloti as a place and brings about Investor confidence.

Some of the eMdloti / uMdloti UIP Services


• Privately funded security
• Cleaning
• Maintenance
• Greening
• Marketing services
• Establishment of private sector and
• Municipal partnerships

Aimed at improving the experience

of eMdloti / uMdloti with key deliverables to:

• Improve safety
• Improve general environments and
• Quality of life to the benefit of all public open space users
• Respond to the challenges of environmental sustainability
• Support a vibrant and responsible business activity
• Support Blue Flag beach status

Current UIP


• Servicing eMdloti / uMdloti South Side from the traffic circle to Sixth Avenue and Bellamont Road.
• Aiming to extend this service into the North Beach Road area.
• Providing a 24-hour guarding, supervisory security and emergency response service.
• Encouraging members to report on municipal faults in public areas.
• Managing crime and grime – The UIP’s top priority.
• Assist in lifting the overall standard of the precinct.

Current Membership Fees

South Beach Road:
Individual property owners Houses:
per month per free-standing home
Complex units with Body Corporates:
All apartments are set at a different rate depending on the number of units in the complex

North Beach Road:
Individual property owners Houses:
per month per free-standing home
Complex units with Body Corporates:
R82.50/unit per month

Bellamont Road:
Individual property owners Houses:
per month per free-standing home
Complex units with Body Corporates:
R275.00/unit per month

Future Fees

Individual pro-rata contributions will depend on the eMdloti / uMdloti Improvement Project Board’s urban management plan and budget. The Board will develop an annual budget that is within acceptable financial limitations, while ensuring effective delivery.
66% of property owners have to approve the budget before it will be passed by Council, after which it will be equitably distributed over 100% of the property owners in the eMdloti / uMdloti Improvement Project and collected via the municipality.

Take Action

Your contribution is vital to keep eMdloti / uMdloti
Clean, Green, Safe

Enhance | Secure | Sustain

The eMdloti / uMdloti UIP do not receive any municipal subsidies from Rates and Taxes as is the case with other UIPs

The UIP is reliant solely on Residents’ voluntary membership funds.

Your contribution is vital to make this endeavour a success which will enable the UIP to realise its goals by having strong relationships with service providers to enhance, secure and sustain eMdolti village and on-going projects.

  • Report concerns
  • Become an active participant in the various activities and programmes (See under News for regular updates)
  • Receive regular feedback and information
  • Join the eMdloti / uMdloti UIP Chat Room to share your concerns, ideas and get to know other members
  • Advertise your business, services at a nominal monthly fee

Become a Member

Property owners, please join and help make our eMdloti / uMdloti clean, green and safe.

Report a Concern

Please report municipal faults in public areas.

UIP Queries

For direct eMdloti / uMdloti Improvement Project queries, please feel free to make contact with us

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