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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Dear UIP members and interested parties,

2019 will be known as a watershed year for the UIP. We embarked on a journey that will change Umdloti Village forever.

Umdloti Smart Village is a massive and ambitious project. I am happy to report that we have made significant progress this year. This does not happen by itself, and I have to mention and thank Brian Gibson and other members of the Task Team who have played a huge roll in getting the ball rolling. Umdloti is a unique little village due to its geographical position (covering “green to marine”) and also one entrance in and out. We intend to protect and grow our shared asset by introducing a hi-tech security network and a professional precinct management team. During our initial brief with Barry East from BeSecure, we had no idea of the potential scale of the project. Every week has revealed more opportunities, for example, Smart Village will result in fibre being made available throughout Umdloti.

We are marching towards the 70% support we need from residents the length and breadth of the Village. The active interest and commitment of outside parties like Microsoft and Sniper to mention a few, tells us we are on the right track.

While all of the above was being investigated, the UIP team continued to use its limited financial resources to ensure a safe, clean and green to our members. Once again a big thanks to Terry Rens and her team.

With the Sibaya Coastal Precinct project in full swing we have encountered more incidents of crime usual. Sadly, due to their financial difficulties Tongaat Hulett Developments withdrew their financial support for a security guard and dog patrolling the forest. We immediately had a surge in crime on the south side. The UIP had to reinstate the dog and handler at our cost. This slowed down the incidents but we cannot guarantee that this was the only reason why we had this upswing in crime.

We also partnered with the social media group, Maraschino. As you all know this has improved the communication significantly. Thank you to Mandy Roodtman and her team.

Finally I want to thank all paying members of the UIP in entrusting us with their contributions. While there will always be those that chose to not contribute but reap the benefits, I can assure you that we have tried our level best in ensuring not only your safety but also in making Umdloti a better place.

We are approaching the busiest time of the year when the beauty and charm of Umdloti Village is celebrated by residents and visitors alike. By this time next year, we fervently hope that Umdloti Smart Village will be in full swing. Please give us the confidence to continue with this huge investment by signing the pledge on the UIP website.

For those of you traveling during this period please do so safely, the rest of us staying in this beautiful village please keep safety a priority during this period and to everyone

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Pierre van Zyl