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Sibaya Coastal Precinct Development & the partners involved

The Sibaya Coastal Precinct is a development with many different organisational structures and parties having different roles and responsibilities. The following brief description is an attempt to ensure that we have a shared understanding of the project and speak the same language.

Tongaat Hulett Developments
THD is the original landowner. The company has sold pockets of land to different top structure developers. The Umdloti Forum (representing both the UIP and UBRRA) was able to negotiate a formal agreement with THD to establish a Steering Committee.

All matters of common interest are first tabled at the SteerCom. This also ensures transparency from both parties. Any proposed changes to the original plans are discussed and agreed.

The SteerCom thus ensures compliance with the 2009 Environmental Record of Decision (ROD) and the various Precinct Plans that have been approved by the authorities (in consultation with our community).

Any suggestions from Umdloti community should be channeled through the Forum to avoid misunderstanding and unnecessary confrontations. The Forum representatives are Joy Brasler (who also sits as a professional architect on the Design Review Panel), Pierre van Zyl, Mark Smith, Don Smith and Brian Gibson.

Sibaya Master Management Association
The Association is managed by UrbanMGT (Brian Wright and his team). The Association is funded by a compulsory monthly levy activated once the land has been transferred from THD to the new owner. The function of this association is very similar to that of our UIP, including security, garden maintenance, public space maintenance and all related functions.

It is important to understand that the Association is a non-profit company, which is independent of THD with a board constituted by both property owners and THD representatives, which serves to protect and advance its members’ interests. It has no formal obligation to the community of Umdloti and, as such, we as the community of Umdloti have no say or demand on their affairs. The responsibility of the Association stops at the border before the Forest on the Sibaya side.
It is important that we nurture our relationship with this body with the intention of being good neighbors who share a common interest of creating safe and well managed public areas to which we all benefit.

THD Forest Conservation Trust
The trust has been founded by THD and is administered by managed by trustees with a professional and independent chair. The day to day operational management of the Association is driven by UrbanMGT (Brian Wright and his team)

The trust was established to take care of the forested areas within the greater Sibaya, which includes the forest running between the Sibaya and Umdloti. The trust is funded by the Association members with THD having provided seed funding. The Umdloti community does not contribute towards this fund and therefore has no say in the decisions that are made, although the Trust has invited representatives from Umdloti to participate in feedback meetings.

Once again, this is a very good initiative by THD. The Trust has made good progress to ensure the forest is been looked after

The above is a guideline to who answers to what questions.

In conclusion, the development above Umdloti is under permanent scrutiny and the ratepayers’ interests are well protected.