Umdloti SmartVillage

The vision of the Umdloti Smart Village project is sustainable peace of mind and community development

Individual Homeowners

Body Corporates

Commercial Entities

All we need now is for you to indicate your support in principle of this initiative:

Freehold owners / Body Corporate Chairs & Commercial entities ONLY:

In the first instance, all we want now is to indicate your support in principle for the Umdloti Smart Village initiative and model as described by completing the online form below.

Your final commitment (and payment) will be conditional upon:

a. A minimum of 70% of residents/owners/body corporates joining the NPC as members and making the target contributions, or
b. The minimum operational budget for Umdloti Smart Village being otherwise met, whichever occurs first.


Once we have achieved the conditions set out above, the fees apply as follows:

The target contribution by members for Phase 1 is a once-off membership application fee of:

  • R2000 per individual household;
  • R800 per complex unit, payable by the Body Corporate; and
  • R5000 per commercial entity


  • R980 a month per individual household;
  • R400 a month per complex unit, payable by the Body Corporate; and
  • R3000 a month per commercial entity.


Umdloti SmartVillage Initiative Support


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