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What is a concern?

‘Concern’ relates to public open spaces in eMdloti / uMdloti only. The eMdloti / uMdloti Improvement Project offers supplementary services to the municipal service providers such as Parks and Gardens, Cleaning, Street Sweeping and Maintenance as well as Safety, Security in public opens spaces as well as Beaches.

The eMdloti / uMdloti Improvement Project also liaises with other Municipal Departments such as Roads and Stormwater, Waste Removal, Waste Water, Health and Social and Electricity. Reporting a concern speaks to any of these Departments quickly and efficiently.

Please note, ‘Concern’ does not refer to the reporting of private property disputes within eMdloti / uMdloti. Steps to reporting a concern: Please fill in the contact form below and your concern will be logged and answered directly by the eMdloti / uMdloti Improvement Project team.

Concern Contact Form

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