SmartVillage FAQs

Individual Homeowners

Body Corporates

Commercial Entities

1. What is 'Smart Village'?

We want to achieve a Sustainable Self-Managed Community Solution based on high levels of security and ongoing service delivery that deliver a sense of community and peace-of-mind

Umdloti Village NPC is intended to replace the current ‘eMdloti UIP’ with a hi-tech Precinct Management package that includes tight security alongside “clean & green” services and community development

2. How does Smart Village work?

The Umdloti UIP intends to:

  • Create the equivalent of a ‘gated-estate’ (without the walls and gates!) that is professionally managed and answerable to the community
  • Pool our resources to ensure that our Village continues to develop economically and socially without losing its charm or environmental ethos
  • Enhance ‘civic pride’ and collaboration as a driving force for our community
3. Why are you doing this?

A South African reality is ‘community self-management’. Our community established the eMdloti UIP (Urban Improvement Project) (a Section 21 non-profit company) in 2014.

The UIP in its present format has achieved many great things.

However, the urban developments around our village, failing municipal infrastructure and rising crime levels are putting pressure on our current ‘community self-management’ model.

Based on current levels of financial support, the UIP is not able to meet the needs of the whole Village. It enjoys excellent support from South Beach residents and good support from residents in Bellamont Road, But the North Beach community, where most of our residents live, has not really got behind the project.

A small group of volunteers therefore decided to improve the current UIP offering to win the financial support of at least 70% of all property owners in the Village.

Ironically, the new package should cost Umdloti property owners less than what they are currently spending on their UIP fees PLUS private security services.

4. What Area does the Umdloti Village model cover?

Umdloti Village includes all primary and secondary roads in Umdloti. This includes Bellamont Road, North Beach Road, South Beach Road and all the respective secondary roads as well as Newsel Road.

5. I live in a freestanding home - what will this cost me?

The final pricing will be dependent on participation but currently:

  • The membership is made up of 2 parts which total R980 per home per month
  • The annual donation to the NPC (Not for Profit Company) of R9 600 is divided up over 12 months at R800 per month per home
  • The armed response element is separated and is R180 per month (incl. Vat)
  • In order to allow the rapid deployment of technology there is a need to quickly generate funds. This will be done with an upfront membership fee of R2 200 which can be amortised over 3 months if necessary.
  • Total monthly payment for months 1 – 3 will therefore be R1 713/month
  • Total monthly payment for month 4 – 12 will be R980/month
  • This is an all-inclusive amount and will replace your current UIP and armed response contributions
  • The annual donation to the NPC is tax deductible.
6. I live in an apartment or flat - what will this cost me?

For individual unit residents to be a member of the Umdloti Village NPC the Sectional Title complex Body Corporate (BC) must be a member of the model. This is necessary as the security offering is dependent on the support of at least 70% of the Sectional Title units in the Village.
With the BC membership in place the membership for residents is made up of 2 parts which total R399 per home per month

  • The annual donation to the NPC (Not for Profit Company) of R3 600 is divided up over 12 months at R300 per month per home
  • The armed response element is separated and is R99 per month (incl. VAT)

To allow the rapid deployment of technology there is a need to quickly generate funds. This will be done with an upfront sign-up fee of R750 per unit, which can be amortised over 3 months if necessary.

  • Total monthly payment for months 1 – 3 will therefore be R649/month
  • Total monthly payment for month 4 – 12 will be R399/month


  • This is an all-inclusive amount and will replace your current UIP membership fee (and, possibly, also your armed response contributions).
  • The annual donation to the NPC is tax deductible.
7. The membership subscription for complex units may be too expensive for complexes?

(Note: Unit owners in complexes are currently paying only R82.50 per unit per month to the UIP, or perhaps nothing at all.)

The draft budget is based on getting 70% of home and unit owners to contribute the fees outlined above.

Where there are special circumstances, the Umdloti Village Task Team would be prepared to discuss alternative arrangements for the first year with a view to getting as many members signed up as possible.

At this stage the pricing put forward allows us to meet the needs of the expected number of members. As such a late entry into the Village model may be at a notably higher price due to the additional cost of servicing the additional members.

8. Can the Trustees of a Sectional Title Scheme subscribe to the Umdloti Village NPC?

A written trustee resolution is the only authorisation required under Prescribed Management Rule 21 of the STSMA.


PMR 21(3): The trustees may, on the authority of a written trustee resolution …. enter into written and signed contracts in respect of its powers and duties under the Act and the rules; (and) join organisations and subscribe to services to further its purposes under the Act and these rules;

As per Professor Paddock: “As long as the trustees are convinced that the body corporate’s participation in this security initiative will have the effect of increasing security within the boundaries of the scheme itself, the decision to join can be authorised by a trustee resolution under PMR 21(f). However, the amount of the body corporate’s contribution will also have to be covered by a budget item approved by owners, as required under PMR 9(c), before the trustees are entitled to authorise payment of the subscription.”

9. What will I be paying for?

The monthly contributions as currently budgeted cover a number of services (that will be expanded in Year 2 of the project):

  • A community app for all Village members
  • An app based “panic button”
  • Armed response for your home alarm or App (Phone based) “panic button”
  • A dedicated 24/7 Village Control room operator at the call centre
    • Viewing (with the support of AI analytics and machine learning) all CCTV cameras and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) transactions and alerting the response team to suspicious events and anomalies
    • Responding to all home alarms
    • Responding to all App panic buttons
    • Responding to all items raised on the community app
  • 2 x dedicated branded Village Vehicles, each with a highly trained armed officer (increasing in due course to two officers per vehicle)
    • Both vehicles will patrol the Village 24/7
    • Both vehicles are for the exclusive use of Village members
  • 2 roaming guards with communication to the vehicles and control room
    • 1 x guard on mobile device such as a Segway
    • 1 x guard for foot patrols
  • Full technology deployment in the Village
    • 50 CCTV Cameras to be viewed in the Control room
    • 5 vehicle Number Plate cameras to be viewed in the Control room
  • Full technology team dedicated to the Village
    • Ensuring that all tech operates 24/7; and
    • Offering an additional fee-based service for maintaining technology infrastructure at complexes
10. What is an ANPR camera?
  • An Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera can read a vehicle’s registration as it drives past the camera.
  • The registration number along with the date and time it was taken is then sent to the Village software in the Control Room for review.
  • Cameras being considered are also able to pick up make, model, class and colour of the vehicle allowing extra analysis.
11. What do the various phases of the project look like?

Phase 1 (early 2020) will include:

1. Launch of an app that has enough capacity to carry the project for at least five years;
2. Appointment of a dedicated security service provider for the Village, who will install a hi-tech security system including:

i. 50 CCTV cameras and 5 number plate recognition cameras connected to a Control Centre monitored by an artificial intelligence system;
ii. The Control Centre will that will have access to:

1. 2 armed response vehicles;
2. 1 guard on foot;
3. 1 guard on a Segway scooter

b. Appointment of an NPC “Precinct Management Team”;
c. Appointment of a “clean & green” service provider to the NPC; and
d. Appointment of a dedicated maintenance team for the surveillance system.

Phase 2 (2021) could (dependent on community support) extend the service to include:

e. Visitor support and management (including Airbnb link); and
f. Nuisance calls (e.g. noise complaints in complexes).

Phase 3 (2022) could include:

g. Comprehensive Precinct Management (e.g. monitoring electricity and water consumption and day-to-day liaison with the municipality);
h. Routine maintenance support for homes and complexes via preferred suppliers contracted to the NPC; and
i. Proactive engagement in the further development of Umdloti (e.g. sea defences, beach infrastructure, community centre and pedestrianisation).

12. How will you hand procurement and Service Level Agreements?
  • The Umdloti Village NPC board will follow strict procurement rules for all capital expenditure and engaging with any new service providers.
  • All procurement procedures are clearly defined in the Memorandum of Incorporation that has been lodged with CIPC under the company.
  • In short, the process is transparent and fair, and all expenditure will call for three quotes and will be measured against a strict Service Level Agreement.
13. What happens if I am not a member?
  • Non-members are free to continue as before and engage with their preferred home alarm company.
  • Non-member will not have access to the community app, use of the in-Village assets such as the response vehicles & armed response officers, and will not be directly linked to the Estate response model with automatic links to SAPS and Metro.
  • Non-members will not have access to the Village Control Room operators and related services, nor will they receive the community communications, updates and free security training on offer.
  • In short non-members will “go it alone” and will be responsible for their own property and personal safety as is the standard model currently in suburbs.
14. I don’t want the armed response – Can I just pay community contribution?
  • The model has been designed where the two elements are very tightly linked, and it is not possible to separate them.
  • The Village appointed service provider will respond to all members home alarms.
  • Should you wish to have a second armed response company you are most certainly able to add that as an additional cost and service to your home security. The additional armed response contract will be between the homeowner and the service provider and not through the Village Management.
15. Who will appoint the service providers?
  • The Umdloti Village Board of Directors will make the decision in line with the procurement rules set out in the MOI.
  • The Umdloti Village model is designed purposefully around ensuring independence where the Village NPC has a formal service level agreement with all providers. A break of this agreement will result in corrective action.
  • The NPC will send tightly defined Requests for Proposals (RFP) to locally active  armed response companies:
    • technology companies and
    • ‘Clean & Green’ service providers
    • and will review them in line with the objectives and budget available for the Smart Village initiative.
  • The appointed service providers will be made known at the community meeting after the Board has considered all responses to the RFP.
  • As per the MOI, the NPC board will continually evaluate the services and make the necessary changes/improvements as and when required.
16. Who will run the Umdloti Village NPC on a day-to-day basis?

The non-executive directors will have ultimate fiduciary responsibility for the governance of the NPC.

The current budget for Phase 1 allows for the appointment of a professional manager and support team, who will work with BeSecure and other service providers to ensure that they meet their commitments in terms of the Service Level Agreement.

  • Note:  Terry Ann Rens, the current UIP manager has indicated that she wishes to retire and will not be applying for any position within the new structure

The Village app will allow members to interact with both the Village management team and the Control Centre (with calls logged and closed out as necessary).

17. What will happen to the current Umdloti security guards and officers?

Should it be necessary and possible the Village will make every effort to reemploy all current stuff into the Village program.

18. What technology will be installed in the Village?

The Village model is built around central control. The NPC Management Team will define the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) that will be adopted by the appointed service providers. This will include the 24/7 monitoring of all technology points deployed into the area.

At the conclusion of the Phase 1 rollout the Village will have the following technology:

  • A community mobile app focused on delivering succinct, relevant information to the members.
  • Member home alarms all reporting back to the Village control room
  • 50 CCTV cameras in and around the Village
  • 5 ANPR cameras in and around the Village
19. How long do we have to achieve the sign up?
  • The committee are aiming to have the sign ups completed before year end so we can go into 2020 with Phase 1 of the new model ready for implementation in the first quarter.
  • Should it become clear before the year-end that community support is not enough to fund the Phase 1 budget of R8 million a year, the initiative will be cancelled.
  • Should the level of support foreclose the current working budget, the UIP board may decide to adjust the budget accordingly and make a more modest start.
20. What happens to the UIP if the Umdloti Smart Village initiative takes off?

The UIP, which is a registered NPC, will be used as the vehicle for the Umdloti Village initiative. The UIP’s name and MoI will be changed. The directors may also change.

21. What happens to the current UIP if the Smart Village initiative does not take off?

Regrettably, a lack of support for the Smart Village initiative will put the future of the eMdloti UIP in doubt as the current offering – as well intentioned as it may be – is being supported mainly by freehold property owners and has not attracted the financial support of more than a few Body Corporates.

The UIP is currently in financial difficulties and is certainly not able to continue without significantly greater community support.

Should the UIP be wound up, responsibility for security arrangements would revert to individual property owners and Sectional Title complexes. Cleaning and Greening would revert to the Council or individual volunteers.

22. Is the Umdloti Village NPC the same as the Special Rating Area (SRA)?

The proposed model is not the same as the SRA model.

  • No, the proposed NPC is not the same as the SRA model.
  • The SRA model is a Council designed and managed concept where all property owners are obliged to contribute to the local Ratepayers’ Association via supplementary rates. Once successfully formed the SRA is under the oversight of the Council Treasury. Wards that have introduced
  • SRAs have great difficulty in accessing the funds set aside for this purpose.
  • The new Village model centres around an independent, Not for Profit Company (NPC) being created with a purposed designed Memorandum of Incorporation (MoI) which defines its function.
  • The NPC is an independent company with a mandate to benefit the area of Umdloti and to ensure that the security and prestige of the area is maintained through direct investment in upkeep and infrastructure.
  • Members join the NPC through a renewable 12-month contract that will allow them to benefit from the security elements as well as being a benefactor to the Umdloti Village upliftment element through their donation.
23. Who is accountable for the NPC?
  • The NPC has a Board of Directors made up of property owners representing the areas that make up Umdloti Village. These areas are geographically broken down as Bellamont Road, Umdloti South and Umdloti North
  • As per the Memorandum of Incorporation (MoI), at the successful formation of the NPC (with 70% adoption or the operations budget being met) there will be an AGM where the Board will be formally elected by its members.
  • The procurement policies as well as the business direction and operation framework are well defined in the MoI.

To view the MoI, select HERE

24. Why have you set the minimum threshold of 70% community support?

Central to the creation of the NPC was to drive sustainability. One of the main requirements to achieve this is enough financial commitment to allow the deployment of Phase 1:

  • 70% support from the community (at the subscription rates outlined earlier) will allow the NPC to meet the commitments made in Phase 1 of the proposed plan.
  • It is the hope of the NPC Board that the adoption will be greater than 80%
  • To view the ongoing vision for additional services, select HERE
25. How is the Phase 1 budget allocated?

The model is designed to get a pro-active focused solution and as such there has been a natural bias towards highly trained response officers, control room operators and technology.The model is designed to get a pro-active focused solution and as such there has been a natural bias towards highly trained response officers, control room operators and technology.

The Year 1 breakdown is as follows:

  • Manpower       50%
  • Technology      30%
  • Management   20%
26. Many security companies offer CCTV surveillance – why not use them?

Information in context is an important corner stone of the Village model. Where independent security companies are tasked with the deployment, maintenance and response to infrastructure they generally answer to individual homes or complexes and information is not quickly shared with 3rd parties.

The intention of the Umdloti Model to establish a central point of control where we, the residents, can define the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that will be followed by the appointed providers and where we can consolidate the Village information to make better decisions.

To fully manage the Village Precinct we have engaged with BeSecure to use their community solution, which allows for all elements of community well-being are taken care off: Security (supported by the BeSecure community app and artificial intelligence interpretative software), Cleaning & Greening of our beaches and pavements, Medical Emergency Response (improving in due course to include in-home health care), home and complex maintenance and community discounts on a wide range of services.

Like other providers, should BeSecure not perform as defined they will be replaced with an alternative provider. The NPC will retain independence from service providers ensuring that we can change as and when the need arises.

27. How will the new CCTV security system secure the forests behind South Umdloti and Bellamont Road?

In principle the layout of the CCTV cameras will make Umdloti Village a “gated estate” but without the walls and gates. The precise location of the cameras (supported where necessary by physical barriers) will emerge from the security audits that prospective service providers will have to do before responding to the NPC’s Request for Proposals.

In principle, existing security fences (e.g. at complexes and homes bordering the forest) will be incorporated into the Village security management plan (and thus be maintained by the Village technology maintenance team).

(Note: It is likely that the developer of “Node 6” between the Bellamont Road forest and the M4 will install a security fence in the short to medium term.)

28. Will the surveillance cameras (or APNR) cameras be in each of the main roads in Umdloti?

The security companies that wish to pitch for the work have yet to do their audits and proposals but, in principle, it seems likely that the ANPR cameras will be located at the entrance to the Village on the M27 and then at four other locations that allow the Control Room to track the movement of suspect vehicles as they move through the Village.

CCTV cameras will be located to provide total coverage of the Village, including each of the main access roads within the Village.

29. What happens if the North Beach residents do not sign up in sufficient numbers to justify the location of CCTV cameras on North Beach Road?

The approach of the Umdloti Village Task Team is that the entire Village must be covered by the security arrangements.

It makes no sense for residents of, say, Bellamont Road or Umdloti South, to be secure in their own homes but then subject to increased risk if they travel to North Beach Road.

The level of technology applied to each geographic location within the Village must, however, take into account the financial support of those residents.

30. How will the Village app interact with gate control apps currently being used by complexes (e.g. Bahia Village used the My Estate Life access app)?

The Village app offers gate access software, along with a digital ‘intercom’ system. In Phase 2 complexes can either switch to the Village app (at a small additional cost) or continue with their current system.

In later phases, the capabilities of the Village app will be extended to include registration with the Control Room of visitors to the Village, who will automatically be “welcomed” by the surveillance system and, if necessary, shown to their destination or accommodation address by the response team.

31. Can the Village app be extended to allow prospective holiday makers to explore accommodation options in Umdloti?

The idea is to drive all traffic through the Village app. However, this element of the future offering will need careful thought and planning, working with existing service providers to test in a real work application. As such the service is scheduled for Phase 3 or 4.s.

32. Will the patrol vehicles or foot patrols be trained to help complex trustees or restauranteurs deal with rowdy elements?

The Task Team has discussed the option in response to queries from complexes (especially those with Airbnb tenants) and restaurants.

Serious incidents would certainly be covered in Phase 1 but minor nuisance complaints would have to await the appointment of a third patrol vehicle in Phase 2 or 3.

33. If we are to be a “smart” Village, can you guarantee that fibre will be supplied to the entire Village within a reasonable time period?

Yes, this has been discussed with several suppliers and assuming there was a demand we could implement it quickly. The timing will be covered in the final project roll-out plans.